Composers on the Move



People often longs for other countries and times. When they are musicians, they put these wishes into sounds. Beethoven was convinced to find a new public in England. Brahms was charmed by Scottisch mythology. Debussy was intrigued by exotic destinations as Spain or the Far East. Liszt considered Italy as the country of culture and ‘dolce vita’.


Ludwig van Beethoven - 7 Variations on ‘God Save the King’ WoO 78

Ludwig van Beethoven - 5 Variations on ‘Rule Britannia’ WoO 79

Johannes Brahms - Ballade op.10 no.1 ‘Edward’

Johannes Brahms - 3 Klavierstücke op.117

Claude Debussy – Estampes (Pagodes, Soirée dans Grenade, Jardins sous la pluie)

Franz Liszt – Venezia e Napoli (Gondoliera, Canzone, Tarantella)