For Keyboards



Some compositions can be played on different keyboard instruments, others cannot. For example, all compositions of this recital are for piano, but Liszt’s ‘Angelus! Prière aux anges gardiens’ can be played also on harmonium.

There are works which were originally written for a certain keyboard instrument and which were successively arranged by the composer himself for a different one. This is the case of Liszt’s ‘Pilgerchoir’ from ‘Tannhäuser’ and ‘Fantasia and Fuga on B.A.C.H.’ which were originally for organ and than arranged by Liszt himself for piano.

Stravinsky’s ‘Sonata’ and Ravel’s ‘Le Tombeau de Couperin’ employ elements referring to the harpsichord or, more precisely, to the idea in 1920 we had of a harpsichord. These works show characteristics typical of an instrument other than that on which they are actually performed.

This recital shows what happen when the colours of different keyboard instruments challenge composers’ creativity.


Franz Liszt/Richard Wagner - Pilgerchor from Tannhäuser

Franz Liszt - Angelus! Prière aux anges gardiens

Franz Liszt - Fantasy and fugue on the name of BACH

Igor Stravinsky - Piano Sonata (1924)

Maurice Ravel - Le tombeau de Couperin