Venice and Naples



In the 19th Century Italy was the favourite destinations of romantics travelling throughout Europe. Two cities in particular were musts: Venice and Naples. Their so different atmospheres, architectures, cultures, languages and people charmed poets, painters and composers. From a musical point of view, Venice was synonym of Gondoliers’ songs (named also Barcarolles) and Naples of Tarantella. These two musical genres inspired numerous compositions. This recital presents some among the most interesting ones by composers as Carl Maria von Weber, Frederic Chopin, Felix Mendelssohn and Franz Liszt.


Felix Mendelssohn - 4 Gondolier's Songs

Carl Maria von Weber - Sonata no.4 op.70 in e minor

Frédéric Chopin - Barcarolle op.60

Frédéric Chopin - Tarantelle op.43

Franz Liszt - Venezia e Napoli (Gondoliera, Canzone, Tarantella)