Weimar 1853



In June 1853 a young and unknown composer, Johannes Brahms, went to visit in Weimar the most famous composer of those times: Franz Liszt. This latter cordially welcomed his young fellow, sight-read some of his works (for sure, the Scherzo op.4) and gave him advices. Afterwards he played one of his own newly composed masterworks, the Sonata in B-minor. Unfortunately, the young composer felt asleep during such masterful a performance. Probably, this story has been embellished by those who attended this memorable meeting but it perfectly symbolises the different aesthetics these two composers championned in the course of the 19th-Century. This recital revives those moments by proposing the compositions who could have been heard in that room. The public can choose which aestethics to embrace.


Johannes Brahms - Sonata no.1 op.1 in C-Major

Johannes Brahms - Scherzo op.4 in e-flat minor

Franz Liszt - Sonata in b minor